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Who We Are

While erecting any construction, individuals make it a point to apply all the best methods to give it an everlasting protection, because for us, a construction is much more than bricks and cement; it is a reflection of our dreams, hopes & undying efforts!

Just like the foundation of any relation is 'Trust', similarly, the foundation of any construction is "Strength". For any construction, "Strength" is the supreme factor in ensuring its safety & reliability. But despite relentless efforts of saving it from all the troubles, there are some factors like earthquake or corrosion that can leave your construction in troubled state. Here is the ultimate answer for your quest for a strong and reliable construction….. VINAYAK TMT BARS!


  • The VINAYAK group is engaged in various business activities like Cold Storage, manufacturing of Ceramic, building construction materials, Dyes and intermediate in Gujarat. The main promoter had started his journey with a business unit in woody jungle of Assam and now has reached to the steel plant in Gujarat. This visionary doesn't want to rest at this juncture but wants to move forward and expand the business with his broad vision.
  • To be among the top of the league of steel manufacturers catering to the needs of India's Infrastructure Industry and be among the largest manufacturers and suppliers of TMT & Structural steel.