Company Profile


Mr. Karsan Patel studied at Kutch and Bengal, but he could not complete graduation. His first job was at the age of 17 in a small wooden factory. After 4 years of job, he got an opportunity to travel abroad and there he realized that he cannot live this way. He had a strong urge to work for society, return what he got from society and hence decided that he has to start his own business and help others and provide them livelihood. He got a labor contract and provided job to 430 laborers for about 2 years.


After returning from the abroad, he with few relatives started lumber business in India and the business is still going on. However, Karsanbhai was not satisfied and wanted to more for the society. He and 5 other got together and started a cold storage in Dahegam as there was ample production of potatoes there. The cold storage business was active for 15 years. Still not satisfied with the progress and crave to provide employment to more people he decided to start something else.